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WeObserve Cookbook: Guidelines for creating successful and sustainable Citizens Observatories

Title WeObserve Cookbook: Guidelines for creating successful and sustainable Citizens Observatories
Description Citizen Science (CS) is on the rise worldwide. In the EU, efforts in the area of CS have been channelled into developing the concept of Citizen Observatories (COs). COs are the means by which communities can monitor and report on their environment and access information that is easily understandable for decision making. To capitalise upon and consolidate these ongoing efforts, the WeObserve consortium aims to bring together the current set of European Horizon 2020 (H2020) COs, enabling improved coordination between these COs and promoting related activities at the regional, European and international level. WeObserve will coordinate and deliver a much-needed CO knowledge framework to avoid duplication, share best practices as well as identify barriers and synergies. Ultimately, WeObserve seeks to move citizen science into the mainstream by building a sustainable ecosystem of citizen observatories and related activities.
One of the key elements needed to facilitate access to consolidated knowledge about citizen science and Citizen Observatories is a ‘one-stop-shop’ or a ‘cookbook’ that synthesises the science of Citizen Observatories. Task T2.3 Synthesise the ‘Science of Citizen Observatories’ in a cookbook serves to capture lessons on best practices as well as the insights on the barriers for COs and how these can be addressed in a coherent online ‘Cookbook of Citizen Observatories. This Cookbook details strategies for stakeholder engagement and co-design of COs, capturing the impacts of COs, interoperability and standards, and incorporates emerging results from all the WeObserve Communities of Practices. In a dedicated part of the WeObserve online platform (weobserve.eu), the cookbook serves to guides users through available resources (e.g. methods, tools, papers) that provide insights and guidelines for creating successful and sustainable Citizens Observatories.
This report describes the steps taken to develop the online WeObserve Cookbook:

  • Analysis of Cookbook target audience and requirements
  • Development of a strategy for the online Cookbook
  • Ddesign and development of the Cookbook
  • Launch the WeObserve Cookbook online 
Author(s) Uta Wehn, Ane Bilbao and Luke Somerwill (IHE Delft)
Source https://www.weobserve.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/D2.8-776740-WeObserve-WeObserve-Cookbook-Guidelines-for-creating-successful-and-sustainable-Citizens-Observatories.pdf
Language English
Keywords Citizen Observatories; Citizen Science; cookbook; best practices
Audience Citizen Observatories actors; Citizens and local communities (those that are already engaged or are interested in setting up a CO); NGOs and activists (civil society); Policy makers – at the local, national and international (EU) level; Research/academia; Similar projects at local and EU level; Networks (e.g. ECSA and COST Action)
Resource-Type Project Deliverable – Text
Resource Theme Reflections on science
Publisher H2020 WeObserve project, Grant Agreement no 776740
Publication date 30 March 2021
License Open Access
Resource identifier
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