WeObserve are delighted to announce the launch of the WeObserve Citizen Observatory Cookbook, now accessible on the WeObserve website! The Cookbook is a free, online guide that aims to help Citizen Observatory practitioners access existing resources that can help them in setting up and/or running a Citizen Observatory. Taking into account lessons learned from the WeObserve project and consortium, the guidance, tools, resources and insights captured in the Cookbook have been produced, tested and reviewed by the WeObserve project consortium and/or the WeObserve Communities of Practice. Many of the resources are well-documented and have been widely used in citizen science and Citizen Observatory projects. Most descriptions include a key reference, so you can explore more about their background or their application. Users can select the key issue or challenge that they would like to learn about, and dive deeper into that specific part of the Cookbook. Each page features an introduction to the respective topic, and a description of how the issue can be approached. Useful resources are also featured on each page, along with links to other relevant Cookbook pages. Find out more, and access the Cookbook here!