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About University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is a leading Scottish institution and one of the world’s top universities. With 18,000 students from 145 countries, it is truly a global University. Research at Dundee delivers impact by harnessing expertise across disciplines to tackle some of the most challenging problems the world faces today. It promotes the sustainable use of global resources, shapes the future through innovative design, and improves social, cultural and physical well‐being. The University takes pride in delivering research with significant impact on global innovation and international policy. With 44% of staff devoted solely to research, it continues to advance the lives of people across the world. Research in Dundee benefits from a wealth of experience from around the world, as international academics and external partners work closely together. Dundee has a number of centres of excellence that host specialist laboratories and unique research facilities of relevance to WeObserve.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) was ranked first in Scotland for world leading research in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. DJCAD is the creative heart of the University and seeks to foster innovation within creative practice, employ creative practice as a methodology to enhance other disciplines or domains, and contribute towards an explicit and transparent knowledge base that furthers our disciplines in the future. DJCAD is leading in collaborative, interdisciplinary research and has specialisms in design strategy and thinking for social digital projects and innovation. Its expertise in knowledge exchange spans several scientific and technological fields relevant to WeObserve, including: food security, climate change, sustainability, resilience, rural economy and the circular economy.

In 2014 the UK’s higher education evaluation exercise noted our strengths in Research Environment and Impact, whereby we were rated as world leading or internationally excellent throughout. 68% of our research output was also ranked in these top two categories.

The University’s Research Governance and Policy can be found here:

Main Role in the Project

As leader of WP3, UNIVDUN will lead the development of the WeObserve toolkits (T3.1) and MOOC (T3.2) and organize the capacity development activities and road shows (T3.3), in particular the Open Data Exploitation Challenge. In addition, UNIVDUN will:

  • Contribute to the mapping of the EU landscape of COs (T2.1), the Communities of Practice (CoPs, T2.2) and the development of the CO ‘Cookbook’ (T2.3). UNIVDUN will lead one of the five CoPs.
  • Help to forge strong links with GEO (T4.1) and the OGC (T4.2), and participate in the Copernicus pilot (T4.3) and in identifying where COs can contribute to SDGs (T4.4)
  • Help to develop the Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plan (T5.1) and contribute to the knowledge platform (T5.2)
  • Contribute to the hackathon and help to organize the workshops, events and the final WeObserve conference (T5.3)