IHE Delft Institute for Water Education,
PO Box 3015, 2601 DA Delft
The Netherlands
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IHE Delft

About IHE Delft

IHE Delft is the largest international post-graduate water education facility in the world. Its mission is to contribute to the education and training of water professionals and strengthen the capacity of organizations active in the fields of water and environment to address their water and development challenges. More than 150 PhD fellows are currently enrolled in water-related research and some 120 water research and capacity development projects are carried out throughout the world at any one time.

IHE Delft offers a unique combination of applied, scientific and participatory research in water engineering combined with natural sciences, social sciences and management and governance. It centres its education, research and capacity development programmes around six key themes: Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation, Water-Related Hazards & Climate Change, Water & Ecosystems Quality, Water Management & Governance, Water, Food & Energy Security, and Information & Knowledge Systems. Through each of these themes, the Institute addresses the major water issues and challenges faced at an international level. The team from IHE Delft has long running experience with the theory and practice of Citizen Science and COs, having led and participated in a diverse number of CO-oriented projects. The IHE Delft team members have highly relevant and complementary expertise in the social sciences related to COs.

Main Role in the Project

Dr. Uta Wehn from IHE Delft leads WP2 ‘Co-create and strengthen the citizen observatories knowledge base’ and, within WP2, the initiation and coordination of the WeObserve Communities of Practice (CoPs) and the development of a CO ‘Cookbook’. IHE Delft also leads two of the five CoPs.

In addition, IHE Delft:

  • Contributes to the mapping of the EU landscape of COs
  • Contributes to the development of the WeObserve toolkits and MOOC, and participate in capacity development activities and road shows
  • Helps to forge strong links with GEO and the OGC, and participate in the Copernicus pilot and in identifying where COs can contribute to SDGs
  • Helps to develop the Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plan and contribute to the knowledge platform
  • Contributes to the hackathon and help to organize the workshops, events and the final WeObserve conference