The WeObserve project aims to mainstream citizen observatories for environmental management via a range of targeted actions. This includes a Roadshow of events throughout Europe to demonstrate the use of Citizen Observatories for emergency and disaster management. These Roadshow events are taking place in Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Scotland.

The WeObserve Roadshow events bring together local authorities, emergency managers, regional/national policy makers, scientists and experts. These events are showcasing how the Alto Adriatico Water Authority (AAWA) effectively uses a citizen observatory in the flood risk management of the Brenta-Bacchiglione river basin. Based on this experience, participants can consider and discuss the potential of citizen observatories in their own context of emergency management and mitigation and what comes into play when implementing a citizen observatory. The WeObserve Roadshow events allow participants to learn about the basic principles of citizen observatories, providing participants with hands-on experience of citizen science and citizen observatories and demonstrating how decision makers are using the information provided by citizens.

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