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Date: Tuesday 9 February 2021

Location: online event


10.00-10.20h Welcome and introduction

10.20- 10.50h Presentation: Setting the scene

10.50- 11.20h Presentation: Demonstration of a Citizen Observatory

11.20- 12.05h Breakout sessions

12.05- 12.50h Plenary discussion on CO implementation: social and technological dimensions

12.50- 13.00h Recap and closing of the Roadshow event


The WeObserve Scotland Roadshow took place on 9 February 2021, with a focus on the potential of citizen observatories for flood risk management. The Roadshow was therefore addressed to local authorities, regional/national policy-makers, scientists and experts in Scotland and aimed to demonstrate the potential and practical implementation of a citizen observatory for flood risk management. The event allowed the 38 participants to learn about the basic principles of citizen observatories, providing participants with insights of citizen science and citizen observatories and demonstrating how decision-makers are using the information provided by citizens.

The Roadshow began with an introduction to citizen observatories and the current situation of flood management in Scotland. The Alto Adriatico Water Authority (AWAA) then showcased the impact of Citizen Observatories, by sharing their work with a Citizen Observatory in the management of the Brenta-Bacchiglione river basin.

Based on this introduction, in small breakout groups, the participants discussed key opportunities and challenges for Citizen Observatories in flood management. Key opportunities of COs were perceived to consist of the novel means to engage stakeholders and communities at risk, prioritising flood alleviation efforts, providing data at different scales, and assist with planning and land management. Key challenges of COs  were considered to pertain to data quality, consistency and accuracy; data and knowledge sharing across actors; and ensuring stakeholder engagement and participation in the long run.

Following these discussions, a plenary discussion was held on the social and technological dimensions of citizen observatories. Specifically, this discussion highlighted the need to involve relevant stakeholders when developing and running COs; also, what drives community ownership, engagement and momentum will differ from one CO to another and needs to be carefully considered in each case.

Please download here the full report of the WeObserve Roadshow in Scotland.