To further support the interest and practice of Citizens’ Observatories, WeObserve created and delivered a 4-week online course titled Citizen Science Projects: How to Make a Difference”. This online course ran in November 2019 and October 2020, and introduced hundreds of learners to citizen science.

Created by the interdisciplinary WeObserve consortium, the online course brought together expertise in citizen science, earth observation, environmental governance, food systems, participatory design, etc. from four Citizen Observatories. The content combined exciting learning resources, including open source downloadable tools , and created an online community of learners interested in environmental and citizen sensing.

Participants discovered how to lead a citizen science project, including the best practices for community building, how to identify the most pressing questions for your community, and tips on data collection and interpretation. We also covered how to use your findings to educate others about environmental concerns and create positive change at the local level.

Watch the trailer to WeObserve’s free online course here. We are in the process of making the course content open access indefinitely, watch this space or the WeObserve social media channels to find out once it is ready!

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