Are you experienced in citizen observation? Are you keen on environmental observation? Do you enjoy citizen sensing?

Take part in the WeObserve Toolkits Survey!

Do you have a specific tool you use and you would like to share with us? A tool could be a low-fidelity sensor (e.g. DampBusters, Smart Citizen, BoraBora sensor), or a testing protocol (e.g. GROW Sensing Guide; The Cornell Lab Citizen Science Toolkit for refining protocols) or instructions for running participatory workshops (e.g. Community Level Indicators in Citizen Sensing: A Toolkit). Share with us your experience!

Take part in the WeObserve Toolkits Survey and answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. To contribute, please fill out one form per tool. Should you have more than one tools,you are allowed to complete as many forms as you would like. 10 minutes are enough to support the WeObserve effort!


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