(Call: LC-GD-10-3-2020)

The active role of citizens and their direct involvement is essential to address climate change and other human actions harming the environment on land, air and sea. Changes in citizen’s and consumer’s behaviours towards more sustainable patterns can happen through education, awareness raising, citizen science, observation and monitoring of their environmental impacts, civic engagement and social innovation. It is essential to directly involve citizens and communities in contributing to climate action and protecting the environment, thereby encouraging them to change their personal behaviour and their mindsets, reducing their carbon and environmental footprint and taking action at the individual and collective level. This would lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and relationship to the environment.

Initiatives should be coherent with the objectives of the European Green Deal, the European Climate Pact and the European Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 to engage citizens and communities in action addressing climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection. The proposed activities will build on existing initiatives and practices that demonstrate at international, European, national, regional and local level innovation in teaching and learning methods and how to engage the wider community in the changes needed for a successful and just transition.

Actions under this topic should address one the following two subtopics:

  • Subtopic 1: Enabling citizens to act on climate change and for sustainable development through education
  • Subtopic 2: Enabling citizens to act on climate change and for sustainable development through better monitoring and observing of the environment and their environmental impacts

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