Addressing climate challenges requires help from everyone, and Citizen Observatories aspire to deeply engage citizens to gather data and information about the environment to support better decision-making, new services and make change.

WeObserve opened data from four Citizen Observatories to create new digital transformation opportunities by using open data for products and services that can be implemented for wider social good. There were a few key events that made up our Open Data Challenge: i) Team registration, ii) Consent for access to online datasets, iii) Challenge themes and opportunities, iv) Guidance from a mentor, v) Submission and demonstration at a final event. Each of these events were free and open to all. The participation was high and WeObserve received a range of interesting proposals.

All submissions were judged on excellence across three criteria: Solution and Data, Concept, and Team and Market. According to these criteria, the judging panel concluded on the two winners. The two winning teams will take part and present their projects at the WeObserve Conference that will take place on 14-15 October 2020.

Congratulations to Team Sarjom from the United States and the Hitsoft R&D team from Turkey!

“Our message to the whole world is that the era of citizen science dawns upon us. We must proactively reach out to our communities and ask what can we do to help our local climate and health of environment?”

The key is the emerging and cutting-edge technologies that are leverages to adapt, to participate to the solution and create a positive impact.