WeObserve has introduced and organised three citizen-science challenges in the context of the Dubrovnik INSPIRE Hackathon. The goal of these challenges is to improve interoperability between Citizen Observatories and existing citizen science community activities while also making a whole range of citizen science sources data and information both discoverable and accessible together with other sources such as Copernicus and GEOSS. Citizen science sourced data can fill gaps and add value to these other sources of Earth observations through facilitating expanded use of space-based observation and enrich the in-situ data repositories with more data.

Key facts

WeObserve challenges attracted 35 participants coming from different fields of expertise, including informatics, citizen science and earth observation. The participants originated from 22 different countries all over the world.


As part of the activities in each of the challenges, webinars were aslo organized where participants and others (webinars were open to all) could learn more about technological and thematic topics, as well as establish a deeper understanding of the challenges. Find out more and watch the recordings of the webinars that took place in the beginning of the hackathon!

“Cataloging citizens’ observatories data and results”

Key topics:

  • Management of citizen-generated data
  • Data cataloguing and practical information for data providers
  • Benefits of using CKAN and OpenSearch API

“Improve interoperability between methods for sharing in-situ and citizen-sourced data”

Key topics:

  • Approaches for modelling citizen-science data through the OGC SensorThings API
  • Representation and visualisation of resources in the context of existing applications
  • SensLog solution for sensor data, integration of data from different sources

Challenges & Results 

Challenge 6: Integrating INSPIRE with Citizen Science and EO authentication systems

Challenge 7: Establish the connection of Citizen Observatories resources with central catalogue

Challenge 8: Improve interoperability between methods for sharing in-situ and citizen-sourced data

Final workshop

The results form the three citizen-science challenges were presented in the INSPIRE conference. More specifically, a final online workshop took place on June 11th where the activities and results from all the hackathon challenges were showcased. One of the citizen-science challenges (Challenge 7) was awarded the second prize!

You may watch the recording from the final workshop as well as access the citizen-science related presentations below.

“Dubrovnik INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 – Final workshop”