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WeObserve distance learning programme II

Title WeObserve distance learning programme II
Description Evaluation of MOOC I and plans for development of MOOC II
Author(s) Raquel Ajates, Mel Woods, Saskia Coulson (University of Dundee)
Source https://www.weobserve.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/D3.4-776740-WeObserve-WeObserve-Distance-learning-programme-II.pdf
Language English
Keywords Online course; citizen science; Citizen Observatories; distance learning programme; MOOC
Audience Citizens and local communities (those that are already engaged or are interested in setting up a CO); Citizen scientists; NGOs and activists (civil society); Policy makers – at the local, national and international (EU) level; Research/academia
Resource-Type Report – Text
Resource Theme Reflections on science
Publisher University of Dundee
Publication date 28 February 2020
License Public report
Resource identifier
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