CS Track aims to broaden the knowledge about citizen science by investigating citizen science activities, dessiminating good practices and formulating knowledge-based policy recommendations to maximise the potential benefit of citizen science on individual citizens, organisations, and society at large.

The purpose of this survey is to increase our understanding and knowledge about citizen science from the citizen scientists’ perspective. The answers will be used only by CS Track for scientific research and formulating recommendations and best practice manuals for citizen science. Every input and experience is valuable, whether you have taken part in citizen science projects once or for several years. We hope you will join us in developing the increasingly important field of citizen science by sharing your experiences and completing this survey.

Who can participate in this survey? Any citizen who, regardless of their educational background or profession, has contributed to citizen science projects or observational campaigns by, for example, making observations, gathering samples, classifying pictures, analysing data or samples, discussing results, or who has been involved in planning or coordinating the citizen science project itself. There are various ways of engaging in citizen sciences which is why we would like to hear about your experiences.  Note that many projects do not use the term “citizen scientist”, but could instead use terms such as participant, volunteer or hobbyist. You can be a citizen scientist even if you or your project use a term other than citizen scientist.

Take the survey and share your experience!