SCENT Citizen Observatory data

General description

One of the key objectives of the SCENT Citizen Observatory is to design, develop and implement a people-centric observation web that is offered in the form of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)compliant resources to open platforms, portal and repositories such the GEOSS portal including:

  • different types of citizen-generated semantically annotated data including:
    ○ metadata (textual descriptions) of images of Land Cover/Land Use (LC/LU) elements and/or of river parameters (water level),
    ○ metadata of videos, containing water surface velocity measurements and
    ○ metadata of images of flood related events collected from volunteers.
    ○ measurements of soil moisture (%) and air temperature (C) collected by volunteers via portable sensors
  • improved LC/LU maps, produced leveraging innovative machine learning frameworks and citizen generated data (information regarding LC/LU according to SCENT taxonomy that is based on CORINE taxonomy but extended in order to meet the requirements of flood management and monitoring).
  • improved flood modelling outputs using crowdsourced data, consisting of flood extent and depth maps (raster data with the outputs of the flood modelling simulation)


Soil moisture, surface velocity, water level, air temperature, land cover & use, time-series, SensorThingsAPI, flood extent, flood event reports


The abovementioned resources have been collected and generated in the context of the large-scale demonstrations of the SCENT toolbox that took place between August 2018 & June 2019 in Kifisos river in Attica, Greece and in Danube Delta in Romania.

License and rights

The data are offered under ODbl license