The paper “Local Action with Global Impact: The Case of the GROW Observatory and the Sustainable Development Goals” was published in December 2020. Its aim is to fill in the gap in the literature on COs’ potential contributions to the SDG framework, through the case of GROW Observatory.

More specifically, the paper is providing an analysis of the project activities and outcomes mapped against the SDG framework, and the findings that reveal the GROW’s contributions across two dimensions:

(i) Actions to advance the implementation of goals and targets through awareness-raising and training; participatory methods; multi-stakeholder connections; and supporting citizens to move from data to action and

(ii) Data contributions to SDG indicator monitoring through citizen-generated datasets.

These findings conclude on the Citizen Observatories’ ability to bring together policy-makers, scientists and citizens in order to contribute and support the changes to environmental policy and practice. Moreover, this research suggests groundwork activities that can enhance the data collection to contribute to indicator level monitoring and also provide recommendations for other COs wishing to contribute to the SDGs. You may download the full paper here.