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WeObserve showcase: demonstrating value and applications of Citizen Observatory data

Title WeObserve showcase: demonstrating value and applications of Citizen Observatory data
Description Recording from a WeObserve session organised in the context of of the conference ‘Knowledge for Change: A decade of Citizen Science (2020-2030) in support of the SDGs‘. This online session aimed to provide an overview of a series of innovation activities of downstream applications and value creation of Citizen Observatories (COs) outputs and data for business, policy and EO stakeholders (including SMEs and industry, but also other downstream audiences, such as government agencies, emergency managers and policy makers). The main focus lied on the results from the WeObserve Open Data Challenge and hackathon that harness the value of citizen science data for tackling real world environmental challenges as well as promote aspects of interoperability between COs. Additionally, success stories where citizen science data are combined with conventional sources of Earth Observation data were presented.
Author(s) Turam Purty, Kiranmayi KL Chandra, Vignesh Misal, Ashish Anand, Gulsen Otcu, Bulent Bedir, Mehmet Umut Sen, Ersin Kanar, Valantis Tsiakos, Michal Kepka, Georgiana Bere, Léa Manoussakis, Datopian João Andrade, Koushik Panda
Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvD5uj2Ft3g
Language English
Keywords Citizen Observatories; Earth Observation; Open Data Challenge; downstream applications; hackathon
Audience Citizen Observatories and community based initiatives, citizen science (CS) practitioners, researchers, policy and decision makers, government officials, NSOs, and European Commission officers, including also UN agency representatives and data communities
Resource-Type  Moving Image (Video)
Resource Theme Reflections on science
Publisher Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Publication date 15 Decemeber 2020
License Open Access
Resource identifier N/A
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