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OGC Citizen Science Interoperability Experiment Engineering Report


Title OGC Citizen Science Interoperability Experiment Engineering Report
Description The resource constitutes an engineering report that describes the first phase of the Citizen Science (CS) Interoperability Experiment (IE) organized by the EU H2020 WeObserve project under the OGC Innovation Program and supported by the four H2020 Citizen Observatories projects (SCENT, GROW, LandSense, and GroundTruth 2.0) as well as the EU H2020 NEXTGEOSS project. The activity covered aspects of data sharing architectures for Citizen Science data, data quality, data definitions and user authentication.
Author(s) CREAF; University of Dundee; Institute of Communication & Computer Systems; 52 North; European Commission – Joint Research Center; Secure Dimensions; XTeam Software Solutions; Citizen Science Group, Institute of Data Science, DLR
Source http://docs.opengeospatial.org/per/19-083.html
Language English
Keywords Citizen Science; Interoperability; Standards, OGC; GEOSS
Audience Citizens (those that are already engaged or are interested in setting up a CO); and technical staff resposible to manage the CS data. Research/academia; Similar projects at local and EU level; Networks (e.g. ECSA and COST Action)
Resource-Type Report – Text
Resource Theme Data quality and standards
Publisher H2020 WeObserve project, Grant Agreement no 776740 | Open Geospatial Consortium
Publication date 13 February 2020
License Open Access
Resource identifier http://www.opengis.net/doc/PER/CitSciIE-1
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