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WeObserve Communities of Practice Final Report

Title WeObserve Communities of Practice Final Report
Description One of the key objectives of the WeObserve project is to assess the latest citizen observatory (CO) knowledge base and strengthen it to tackle future environmental challenges using CO-driven science. WeObserve Task T2.2 has launched four Communities of Practice (CoPs) as a key mechanism for consolidating the knowledge within as well as beyond the WeObserve consortium: Co-design & Engage, Impact CoP, Interoperability CoP and, SDG CoP.
The key role of the CoPs is to serve as the vehicle for sharing information and creating new knowledge on selected key thematic topics related to COs by bringing diverse CO and CS perspectives and experiences together. These fora have contributed to strengthening the knowledge base about COs in order to move citizen science into the mainstream of environmental management and decision making.
This report presents the status of the WeObserve CoPs at the end of the WeObserve project life time, reporting on progress to date, outputs and activities, CoPs Forums, and the sustainability of the CoPs. The report also takes stock of lessons learned from running these CoPs and how the WeObserve has responded to challenges related to CoP members’ flow in participation.
Author(s) Uta Wehn (IHE Delft), Joan Maso (CREAF), Dilek Fraisl (IIASA), Ane
Bilbao and Mohammad Gharesifard (IHE Delft)
Source https://www.weobserve.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/D2.7-776740-WeObserve-WeObserve-CoP-Final-Report_v1.0.pdf
Language English
Keywords Citizen Observatories; Citizen Science; Communities of Practice; CoPs
Audience Citizen Observatories actors; Citizens and local communities (those that are already engaged or are interested in setting up a CO); NGOs and activists (civil society); Policy makers – at the local, national and international (EU) level; Research/academia; Similar projects at local and EU level; Networks (e.g. ECSA and COST Action)
Resource-Type Project Deliverable – Text
Resource Theme Reflections on science
Publisher IHE Delft | H2020 WeObserve project, Grant Agreement no 776740
Publication date 26 April 2021
License Open Access
Resource identifier
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