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EU Citizen Observatories Landscape Report II: Addressing the Challenges of Awareness, Acceptability, and Sustainability

Title EU Citizen Observatories Landscape Report II: Addressing the Challenges of Awareness, Acceptability, and Sustainability
Description Citizen Observatories (COs) are community-based environmental monitoring initiatives that invite the public to contribute observations, data and information in complement to authoritative, traditional insitu and remote sensing Earth Observation data. COs can play an important role in crucial areas such as climate change, sustainable development, air monitoring, flood and drought monitoring, land cover or land-use change. They can also provide new data sources for policy-making, and can result in increased citizen participation in environmental management and governance at a large scale.

With the increasing prevalence of COs globally, there have been calls for a more integrated approach to handling their complexities, and to sharing knowledge for the design and management of stable, reliable and scalable CO programmes. Answering this challenge in the European context, the Horizon 2020-funded project WeObserve aims to improve coordination between existing COs and related European activities, while tackling three key challenges that inhibit the mainstreaming of citizen science, namely: Awareness, Acceptability, and Sustainability.

This D2.4 Landscape Report frames the second part of a dynamic exercise to examine the three core challenges faced by these COs, and to consolidate the experience of a range of stakeholders into a set of recommendations for strengthening the ecosystem around COs in Europe.

Author(s) Gold, Margaret (ECSA); Wehn, Uta; Bilbao, Ane (IHE Delft); Hager, Gerid (IIASA)
Source https://zenodo.org/record/4472670#.YIa4GegzY2w
Language English
Keywords Citizen Observatories; Citizen Science; landscape
Audience Citizens and local communities (those that are already engaged or are interested in setting up a CO); NGOs and activists (civil society); Policy makers – at the local, national and international (EU) level; Research/academia; Similar projects at local and EU level; Networks (e.g. ECSA and COST Action)
Resource-Type Project Deliverable – Text
Resource Theme Reflections on science
Publisher ECSA | H2020 WeObserve project, Grant Agreement no 776740
Publication date 21 December 2020
License Open Access
Resource identifier 10.5281/zenodo.4472670
Previous Citizen Observatories Landscape Report – Frameworks for mapping existing CO initiatives and their relevant communities and interactions
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