To build a global consensus on Open Science, the development of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science relies on an inclusive, transparent and consultative process involving all countries and all stakeholders. The Recommendation is expected to define shared values and principles for Open Science, and point to concrete measures on Open Access and Open Data with proposals for action to bring citizens closer to science, and commitments for a better distribution and production of science in the world. The process of drafting the Recommendation is regionally balanced, highly inclusive and collaborative. It involves multiple stakeholders and is expected to lead to the adoption of the Recommendation by UNESCO Member States in 2021. In developing the Open Science Recommendation, UNESCO is gathering inputs from all the regions and all the interested stakeholders, through online consultations, regional and thematic meetings and numerous debates on implications, benefits and challenges of Open Science across the globe.

Are you a scientist, a publisher, a science policy maker or someone with experience and interest in Open Science? Your input is important to UNESCO. Take part in the online consultation! The survey is available in English(link is external)French(link is external) and Spanish, (link is external) and is designed to collect inputs for the development of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. The deadline for submitting inputs is 15 June 2020.

The questionnaire is also available for download in PDF icon EnglishPDF icon French and PDF icon Spanish. It can be filled offline and sent to us by email at

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