Each submission will be assessed using the following criteria and on a scale of 1-5. The maximum score for each submission is 15. The winning entries must demonstrate:

  • Solution and Data: An experimental proof of concept that can be interacted with to demonstrate functionality, with a Technology Readiness Level of 3. It should use one or more WeObserve datasets at the heart of the concept. Datasets can be combined with other data. Uphold FAIR Principles for any resulting datasets or code. The result should be a new, original solution including a service, mobile or web application, visualisation or demonstration of applying data science by linking datasets for the generation of new insights.
  • Concept: The idea should address one of the thematic challenge areas provided or outline a new one. The concept must clearly communicate why the solution matters and who it benefits. It needs to have beneficial social impact, such as meaningfully improving the lives of people, the environment or the planet.
  • Team and Market: The team should be clearly defined and indicate who will use the product or service and why, including a description of all relevant stakeholders. The team must be available and able to commit to providing a demo and a publication for documentation purposes at the WeObserve conference and other WeObserve communication and dissemination channels.