Scent is looking for enthusiastic developers to take part in the Scent Appathon and to compete in the rapid development of a new smartphone application. Participants will be tasked to build an app that can train citizen scientists how to better use the Scent Explore app. Scent Explore is a fun, new mobile gaming app developed by the Scent project, to incentivise citizens to explore nature and report changes in their local environment. Citizens use Scent Explore to capture hidden Scent creatures and collect valuable information about water velocity by taking short videos of objects floating down rivers. You can download Scent Explore here.

Participants are requested to develop an app that can teach citizens the best technique for capturing these videos. The app should allow users to practice their technique and provide feedback, tips and corrections on how to improve their skills. By improving citizens’ video technique, the winning app will support the collection of higher-quality data that is used by the Scent researchers to create models for the management and prevention of flooding! Read more in Scent website.