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WeObserve invites you to take part on its updated second Massive Open Online Course entitled ‘Citizen Science Projects: How to Make a Difference’

After a very interesting and successful first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) last November, WeObserve together with the FutureLearn platform organize a second run of its online course, starting on 5th of October 2020. The course will last four weeks with flexible hours of study and is addressing everyone interested in citizen science or citizen observatories who is keen on designing a citizen science project.

Within the course, the participants will discover how to lead a citizen science project, including the best practices for community buildings, how to identify the most pressing questions for your community, and tupos on data collection and interpretation. Furthermore, the learners will find out how to use their findings for educational purposes so as to create a positive change in the environment and their local area. For the learners that took part in the first run of the course, this final and updated run is a great opportunity to explore new topics, including new resources and open source downloadable tools. To register to the course, please visit here. To find out more information about the WeObserve Massive Online Courses visit the page here.