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The WeObserve team ran the second face-to-face session, CoP-engage, Co-designing citizen observatories and engaging citizens, at the COWM Conference on 28/11/2018, 09:00-12:00,  in Venice. CoP-engage, led by Uta Wehn from IHE Delft, aimed to bring together incentives and barriers for participation, engagement strategies and citizen-science ethics, collected among various stakeholders and projects, in order to develop a common methodology.

More specifically, CoP-engage had the following objectives:

  • To identify and define strategic engagement practices and CO co-design aspects and elements;
  • To capture lessons learned (from success and failure) from the implementation of strategic engagement practices and CO co-design versions and tools in differing conditions;
  • To share these methods and lessons learned in CoP-engage, via the WeObserve Cookbook on Citizen Observatories and via other means.

A key focus of the discussion was an inventory of citizen science-related tools, especially those for co-designing citizen observatories and engaging stakeholders. The session was held on the Palazzo Labia which is located in Campo San Geremia, Cannaregio 275, 30121 VENICE (ITALY).

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