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With a claim to democraticize science and actively involve the general population, science communication and citizen science are increasingly turning their attention to so-called “hard-to-reach groups”. But who or what are hard-to-reach groups? What strategies are proving helpful and effective? How can diversity and inclusion be ensured? The OeAD Center for Citizen Science would like to reflect on these questions with experts from different fields, disciplines and institutions during a keynote speech and a panel discussion to show through practical examples how “hard-to-reach groups” can be reached in the best possible way. The online event will be in German.

More info: https://zentrumfuercitizenscience.at/de/veranstaltungen/detail/2021/05/18/wissenschaft-fuer-alle-hard-to-reach-groups-in-citizen-science-und-wissenschaftskommunikation/