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Are you interested to learn how to introduce your students to topics such as the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN, the detection of Gravitational waves from black hole and neutron star mergers at Virgo and LIGO, or the discovery of exoplanets?
Do you want to learn how we can apply the principles of citizen science to the classroom? Do you want to join an international community of scientists, outreach experts and educators who share the same passion for bringing cutting edge research to the classroom in a systematic and engaging way that offers connection to school curricula?
If the answer is yes, then join the FRONTIERS e-Summer School: an online training course for science teachers motivated to introduce Nobel Prize Physics to their Classrooms. Concepts of Nobel Prize Physics will be explored and methodologies will be discussed to introduce them to the classroom. High-quality educational content will be established and educational content will be produced to be shared to all science teachers in Europe.

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