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Are you a CO practicioner, a Citizen Observer, a Policy Maker, a Scientist or a Researcher? Are you interested in launching your own CO? Or are you simply curious to learn more about COs?

Then you may join the WeObserve Communities of Practice (CoPs), where the CoP members are consolidating practice-based knowledge of Citizen Observatories (COs), sharing information and resources, and working to further develop best practice guidelines and toolkits for COs. The Next CoP Forum #5 will take place on Tuesday 24 March (starting at 13h CET) – Thursday 26 March (Ending at 13 CET), in Delft, The Netherlands.

If you wish to attend the Forum (F2F or online), please complete the registration form by 3 March 2020. You can only participate if you complete the registration form.

For more information, check the logistics information document. The agenda will follow later on.


In the unfortunate case that you may have to cancel your participation, please advise the WeObserve team immediately: (Ane Bilbao) a.bilbaoerezkano@un-ihe.org