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Citizen Science projects are a rich source of high-quality data addressing local and global  problems.  Often the data is collected to address local problems, across a small number of sites.  The data is rich but as it is isolated it is difficult to make large scale generalisations from the data.  In contrast modern cities collect a lot of data and across Europe this data is published as open datasets, some of the data is environmental in nature, but much is about local city services such as parking or cycle ways.

The four Citizen Observatories, funded by the European Union, operated under different models of data collection, mobilising Citizen Scientists to collect data across Europe to produce rich data sets.  Sadly, none of these data sets overlap in time and geography and so are isolated from each other.

The challenge is to merge these datasets (Open data from local governments and Citizen Science data) to produce new and exciting data products to inform and enrich the lives of all citizens across Europe.

More information coming soon!